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Entrepreneurs are special people. They take risks others won't, to realize dreams others can't.  If you are one of those special people opening or transitioning a business, you need able counsel to create the legal structure of your organization which best suits your needs and risk tolerances. At the Law Office of Peter D. Fenzel we are here to help you to:

  •     Draft and file organizing articles for corporations and  LLC's,  and  agreements for partnerships and LLP's

  •     Draft bylaws and provide counsel on matters  of corporate governance

  •     Draft employment contracts and non-compete agreements

  •     Draft and review commercial lease agreements

  •     Create trusts and draft sales agreements  for succession planning


Business is complex and fast moving. Issues often arise at a moment's notice, which require the attention of an attorney. At the Law Offices of Peter D. Fenzel we are available 24/7 to provide solutons for the legal needs of our corporate clients. Please call us at (845) 848-2992 to see how we may  help your business.



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