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People are living longer than they did a century ago.  This creates  new challenges for families and for individuals, who care for and who manage the affairs of elderly loved ones.  If you are dealing with these challenges now, or expect to deal with them in the future, we have the skill and the compassion to help you to deal effectively with them. Our approach includes both life planning and legacy planning. Some of the issues we will address with you include:


  •     Securing income streams, employment benefits, and government benefits

  •     Determining and managing long term care needs and solutions

  •     Planning for physical and mental incapacity

  •     Asset protection - legacy planning

  •     Protection against elder abuse and fraud

  •     Creating wills and trusts as part of an overall life plan

  •     Advance medical directives, living wills, and Powers of Attorney

  •     Medicaid planning


It is not pleasant for many people to think of these things. Let our talented and dedicated team help you every step of the way.


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