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You have worked hard for everything that you own. In time, however, you may wish to pass your wealth on to those you love.  How will you preserve the legacy you want for your loved ones? How do you do this without sacrificing your financial security today?  Now is the time to plan for the day when you can no longer express your own wishes.  We at the Law Office of Peter D. Fenzel have the skills and compassion to guide you through this complex, yet essential, process.  We can help to:

  •     Correct the beneficiary designations of non-probate accounts and assets

  •     Create and to execute your will

  •     Draft Powers of Attorney, advance directives, and living wills

  •     Choose qualified representatives for your estate and guardians for your children

  •     Determine whether trust strategies are appropriate for you and, if so, to create those trusts

  •     Determine whether creating non-probate assets through gifting strategies is appropriate for you

  •     Determine whether insurance strategies are appropriate for you

  •     Plan for the risk of physical and mental incapacity

  •     Work with your current insurance,  financial, and tax professionals to create a comprehensive       estate plan


The legal  decisions you make to plan your estate are critical, and will have a decisive impact upon the future of those you love. You need and deserve to have a trusted attorney at your side to counsel and to guide you.  Please call 845.848.2992 to set up an appointment.



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