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Providing for a child with mental, emotional, or physical disabilities can be the most challenging and most significant part of your estate plan and your life plan. Experience has shown that simply entrusting your special needs child to the generosity of other family members is a risky strategy. No one loves them like you do. No one will give them the care and support they will need  unless you plan for their special needs now. We can help you with:

  •     First party and third party supplemental needs trust creation

  •     Optimizing access to public benefits

  •     Special education advocacy

  •     Drafting of Letters of Intent

  •     Guardianships

  •     Transition planning


Our approach is straight forward:  to secure the maximum public benefits appropriate for your child; to preserve and to enhance family resources through wise trust and insurance strategies; and  to identify care givers, community resources,  and potential guardians. We believe a team approach is the most effective.  The Law Office of Peter D.  Fenzel works with educators, social workers, community organizations, and your insurance, tax, and finance professionals to create a support system for your special needs loved one. There is no need for you to carry this burden of love alone. Call (845) 848-2992 to make an appointment.


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